In the frame: our favourite salon hangings


18 January, 2022


19 August, 2022

So you’ve searched high and low, scouring art galleries and flea markets, to find the artworks that express your personality. But how can you get the best out of your favourite pieces? Here are some of our top tips in arranging and hanging art around the home.

Showcase your taste

From monochrome photography to children’s paintings, salon hanging is a great way to showcase your taste and bring your home to life.

Discover First Street III

Aim low

People often have the habit of hanging pictures too high. When in doubt – hang them lower! You should never be scared of hanging your artworks low!

Discover Aldridge Road Villas II

Mix it up

We believe that anything can be art. Try not to be too precious about art and enjoy mixing high and low styles. It’s important to make sure the energy is right around the work. The more eclectic the artworks, the more successful. Nothing is more exciting than mixing ‘proper’ art with kids art and your own photography.

Discover Hereford Road IV

Keep it fresh

Sometimes you buy a work and five years later, it looks dated, so what do you do? You hang it in a different way. Put it in a collage in a salon hanging. It’s not the main player anymore but it still communicates something. In that sense, it’s one of the best reasons to revamp your house. Rehang the pictures, reframe them, and rearrange them. Suddenly it has a different message.

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