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Rose Avenue Venice

Too often the tempo of our lives may put us in a fugue state, whether moving so allegro from one beat to the next that we drop out of sync, or rolling along so predictably that it’s practically metronomic. This peaceful escape will have you back in tune so quickly, you may soon desire a third or even fifth repetition beyond the first.

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Sleeps 2 1 bedroom
1 bedroom
2 bathrooms
2 bathrooms
 Property type  
 Apartment building   
 Babies welcome   
 Children welcome   
 Property features  
 Central heating   
 Amazing view   
 Roof terrace/garden   
 Hair dryer   
 Tumble dryer   
 Washing machine   
 Distinctive qualities  
 Great location   
 Stylish property   
 Personal welcome   
 Local activities  
 Water sports   
 Holiday type  
 City break   
 Instant confirmation   
 Online payment   
5 rooms, including:
 Living room  
 Sofa (4 seats)   
 Satellite or cable   
 Bar stool (3)  
 Dish washer   
 Rooftop patio  
 Amazing view   

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