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Bali with kids – a family guide to this island paradise


20 November, 2023


26 March, 2024

If there's one island that truly captures that 'island paradise' theme, it's Bali. This tropical jewel is one of Indonesia's most beloved holiday destinations. Romantic, idyllic, and simply breathtaking, it's also a very family-friendly island and going to Bali with kids is the ultimate family vacation.

At onefinestay, we adore this turquoise and emerald island, with its powder-soft sand beaches and vibrant culture. Add delicious food and plenty of breathtaking villas in Bali into the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for a family vacation.

There’s plenty to see and things to do in Bali with kids, too. In this journal, we'll introduce you to Bali and look at the myriad of attractions and activities to experience. We'll give you some tips about travelling to Bali with kids and look at some of the best areas to stay so you're close to all the top sightseeing spots, beaches and child-friendly parks.

Why choose Bali for a family trip?

Bali has always been one of those dream destinations for a honeymoon or a romantic trip for two. But this exciting island has so much more to offer and is now a top destination for families too. A family vacation to Bali is all about exploring a new culture, discovering new food experiences, and, of course, days spent simply on pristine sandy beaches.

Those beaches are the stuff of legend, with miles of soft sand, marine reserves where majestic whale sharks (the world's largest fish), turtles and dolphins swim, and the water is warm, gentle and crystal clear.

The Balinese people adore kids, so your children will get a warm welcome everywhere you go. Restaurants are kid-friendly in general, offering special menus for younger diners with authentic Balinese cuisine and some more familiar dishes. If you want to immerse your future chef in the world of Southeast Asian cuisine, you can join a Bali cooking class with kids. It's a fabulous way to learn more about the food and the island's culture.

Finding the perfect family accommodation in Bali

It’s hard to pick the best place to stay in Bali for families, but here are our top three hotspots that offer all the facilities you could wish for and some of our family-friendly villas.


This region of Bali is a beach lover’s dream destination. Lined by miles of private beaches with elegant villas just a few steps from the blue surf, Canggu is a more relaxed, laid-back location. Start the morning in your luxury Bali villa with a sunrise yoga session before strolling into the local town for a lobster lunch. A dawn visit to the magical Pura Tanah Lot temple is a must.

We have a fabulous selection of villas in Canggu at onefinestay. The contemporary Villa Tana Takah is a modern retreat for six guests and an ideal family choice.

Surrounded by rice fields and sitting in the village of Pererenan, it’s within easy reach of the beach, restaurants and shops.

Villa Kakatua welcomes up to eight guests, surrounding them with pristine tropical gardens and a tranquil indoor-outdoor lifestyle just a few steps from a black-sand beach. This is a villa that truly captures the essence of Balinese life.

Villa Arika is surrounded by swaying palm trees with the beach and the ocean just a few steps from the sun terrace. Using traditional building techniques, this four-bedroom villa feels truly authentic, with colourful artwork and a fabulously open layout that brings the outdoors in.


While many of the beaches in Bali have distinctive black sand, Kuta's sandy shores are soft gold, lapped by azure waters. This busy part of the island has a real boho feel, with surfing festivals and sizzling street food to sample. The beaches are lined with some of our best Bali luxury villas, while the ocean is perfect for kayaking, snorkelling and plenty of other water sports that will keep everyone happy.

Our Kuta villas are some of our most popular, family-friendly escapes on the island.

Villa Kavya welcomes up to eight guests, providing a family-friendly retreat with classical Balinese character and contemporary elegance. The name translates as 'Poetry' in Sanskrit, and the villa certainly lives up to that name.

Seseh Beach Villa 1 is a delightful beachfront villa in the highly desirable Senseh Tanah and is ideal for a larger family celebration. Welcoming up to 12 guests, it's just steps from the private beach, and the rooftop terrace is the place to watch that utterly sublime Bali sunset.


Home to the island's most exclusive spas, restaurants and boutiques, Seminyak is a languid, laid-back location with a truly tropical atmosphere. It also has some of the best beaches in Bali, with vast, sweeping sands and rolling waves ideal for bodyboarding and surfing. Browse the local markets for artisan crafts and jewellery, and check out the food shacks on the beach selling freshly grilled fish..

Our Seminyak villas are places to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax, letting the warm water of the Indian Ocean lap against your toes as you stroll along the beach. Villa Kinaree nestles in a secluded spot surrounded by palm trees and mature gardens. Welcoming up to eight guests, it’s a blend of convenience and serenity, with classic Balinese design and a huge infinity pool.

If it’s a larger family celebration or anniversary,Noku Beach House is a perfect Bali family villa. This six-bedroom palatial villa has instant access to a private beach, a huge infinity pool and a large garden where the younger guests can play and enjoy the sunshine.

Exciting things to do with kids in Bali

Surfing Bali's waves

Surfing is a big pastime in Bali, so if you want to learn how to hang ten or perfect your pop-up, there's nowhere better than Bali to grab a longboard and duck-dive your way into the lineup. If you prefer to watch the surfers rather than join in, many beach clubs provide a luxurious place to relax with a cocktail while the kids are looked after by pro-surfing instructors or make new friends in a children's club.

The best locations for surfing (and they're so good that professional surfing contests are often held here) are Kuta and Canggu. The tides along some of the bigger surfing beaches can be strong, so they're really suitable for older children and teenagers rather than tiny tots.

Waterbom – Bali's most famous water park

If you have younger children who want to splash about safely, then Waterbom is the place to go. With some of the wiggliest water slides on the island, tranquil pools and a wonderfully balanced approach to fun and environmentalism, Waterbom is unlike any other water park you'll ever visit.

The park focuses on providing visitors with a fabulous experience that doesn’t cost the earth, thanks to sustainable initiatives the park calls ‘Karmic Returns’.

The first tourist attraction in Bali to be officially carbon-neutral, there’s no compromise on the excitement with mega drop water slides like Fast N Fierce, the Python and the legendary Green Vipers.

A day trip to Ubud’s Monkey Forest

An essential addition to any day out in Ubud is a trip to the enchanting Monkey Forest, home to three holy temples and a band of over 600 Balinese macaque monkeys. Although it's strongly advised that you don't interact with the monkeys (they can bite!), Monkey Forest is a wonderful photo opportunity and a cool, tranquil escape from the buzz of everyday life.

Cultural places to visit with children in Bali

A Bali family vacation is a wonderful opportunity to teach younger travellers about new and exotic cultures. There are plenty of chances to experience Bali's true spirit and learn more about the people who call this beautiful island home.

A visit to the rice terraces of Canggu

This is one of the best ways to experience traditional Balinese life. This essential grain has been harvested on the island for over 2,000 years, and across the island, you’ll see rows of rice fields everywhere.

Canggu is one of the main rice-producing areas, but it still maintains that rural feel and the fields are family-owned and small. It's a chance to glimpse into a different way of life, and you'll be welcomed by the farmers who still work in these fields.

Explore the wonders of Ubud

To really understand the finer points of Balinese culture, a day trip to Ubud is one of the must-dos on any list of places to visit in Bali with the family. Museums such as the Agung Rai Museum of Art and the Neka Art Museum take you deep into the island's history through its unique art, textiles and batik printing.

Best family beaches in Bali

With a choice of powder-white, soft gold or striking black sand, enchanting views and safe water that’s crystal-clear and clean, Bali’s beaches are a delight. While most people head for the surfing and facilities at Kuta Beach and Tanah Lot, there are others to enjoy that will give you that tranquil, authentic Bali experience. Here are three of the best beaches for families who want to spend the day enjoying the sun, sea and surf.

Mengiat Beach Nusa Dua

This sweep of golden sand is lapped by shallow, warm water that’s perfectly safe for tiny tots who want to paddle and splash about. This well-maintained beach is also one of the cleanest on the island, and nearby you have the dramatic Nusa Dua Water Blow attraction.

Tanjung Benoa Beach

Shimmering white sand and calm waters make Tanjung Benoa Beach ideal for beginner water sports. It’s also one of the most family-friendly beaches on the island, with kid’s banana boat rides, snorkelling and glass-bottomed boat tours so you can watch the wonders of the deep without getting your feet wet.

Pandawa Beach

Calm waves and a shallow shoreline that goes further out than many of the other beaches make Pandawa Beach ideal for families with young children. Plenty of small cafés line the beach, and you can also take up tranquil water sports such as kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

An unforgettable family getaway in Bali

No longer the exclusive preserve of honeymooning couples and gap-year back-packers, Bali is now on the radar for families looking for an exotic location filled with interest, culture and luxury villas. From fabulous beaches to the temples of Ubud, the waterparks and centres where you can learn to ride the waves or whizz down waterslides, Bali with kids is a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

You can find your perfect escape with a luxury villa to suit any Bali family vacation. Our dedicated concierges are here to make your experience even better and can arrange everything from hire cars to babysitters and priority tickets to parks to avoid those annoying queues. Simply speak to our team and we will help you create your perfect family trip to Bali today.


How many days is enough in Bali with family?

We recommend spending around two weeks in Bali on your family trip. That gives you plenty of time to explore all the sites and also allows plenty of time for relaxing, too.

What documents do children need to travel to Bali?

It will depend on your country of origin. It's wise to contact the Indonesian embassy in your country to check certain things, such as whether children under 18 need a visa and what vaccinations you may need.

What is the best time to book my family trip to Bali?

The best time to book a Bali family vacation is between April to October during the dry season. You’re less likely to encounter any rain and the humidity levels are lower, making sightseeing more comfortable, especially for little ones.

What activities can kids enjoy during a trip to Bali?

Everything from surfing to snorkelling, visiting family-friendly theme parks and encountering animals, touring temples and simply messing about on the beach. Take a Bali cooking course with the kids to learn more about the culture of the island, or visit the museums of Ubud.

Can onefinestay help me find family-friendly accommodations in Bali?

Absolutely. We have a wealth of family-friendly accommodation and luxury villas in Bali to suit large and small family groups of all ages. With elegant villas that use traditional Balinese architectural design, bespoke interiors, and private beach access, onefinestay has everything you need to find your dream Bali escape. Browse our Bali Villas or speak to one of our expert Travel Advisors for more information.

Plan your Bali getaway with onefinestay

With an array of gorgeous villas in Bali waiting to be discovered, onefinestay is your ticket to one of the world's most coveted destinations. Browse our destination guides to find out more or speak to our expert Travel Advisors who will match you with the perfect Bali villa for your family adventure.