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Nine fantastic things to do in Provence with kids: Activities & more


9 August, 2023


23 August, 2023

The south of France is one of Europe's most beautiful family destinations. With incredible coastlines, rolling countryside and plenty of attractions, it's easy to find plenty of things to do in Provence with kids. Whether you’re here with tots or teenagers, active kids or history lovers, there’s always an adventure around every corner.

At onefinestay, we have a charming selection of villas that put you within easy reach of some of the best things to do in Provence with kids. Our villas make the perfect base to explore outdoor adventures, delightful villages and towns, towering castles and cultural sites.

This guide will take you on a tour of Provence, with suggestions on unique things to do in Provence with kids of all ages. We’ll also answer some of your most common FAQs about holidaying in Provence with young children. You can find out more by taking a look at our Provence destination guide and browsing the gorgeous Provence villas on offer from onefinestay.

Discovering Provence

Provence is nestled in the south of the country, with the fabulous Côte d'Azur and its amazing beaches to the far south and the fragrant, purple lavender fields in the centre. Across the landscape, you’ll find tranquil villages and friendly towns that give you an authentic taste of rural France that’s very different from the usual theme parks and resorts.

Here, you'll discover delicious food, internationally-renowned wines, rolling countryside, and the soft scent of lavender filling the air. It's the quintessential French vacation and perfect for introducing your children to real French culture.

Top things to do in Provence with kids

A vacation with kids in Provence opens up a world of possibilities and potential adventures. Provence is a very family-friendly region, and young children are welcomed everywhere, even in the most sophisticated restaurants or the finest art galleries. Family is at the core of life in Provence, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of things to do in Provence with kids of all ages.

We've broken it down into categories to help you work out a Provence with kids itinerary. You will need to consider the age of your children and their interests, but our top tip is to pick one or two things from each section to create a fun-filled vacation.

Outdoor adventures in Provence

Visit the lavender fields of Provence

The finest perfumes in the world have their origins in the fragrant lavender fields of Provence. Swathes of purple flowers fill the air with an enchanting scent all summer. The distilleries render the flowers down into a concentrated essential oil that is then added to the most expensive perfumes. Tours of the fields and the distilleries are a great way to introduce this aspect of Provence to children of all ages. The best place to see the finest displays of lavender is the plateau of Valensole.

The dusty trail of Route des Ochres, Roussillon

This renowned hiking trail is one of the best things to do in Provence with kids that love the outdoors. The trail takes you through the stunning Luberon Natural Reserve. Two different trails offer easy access along boardwalks and clearly-defined tracks that are easy to manage for children of any age.

A family picnic by the Tourlourene River

Summer in Provence can get pretty hot, so do as the locals do and pack up a picnic to enjoy beside the sparkling Tourlourene River. The water is shallow enough for paddling in the summer, which is a great way to cool down. A visit to a boulangerie and delicatessen beforehand means you can refuel with some delicious local food.

Go boating on the Lac de St. Croix

This artificial reservoir is now one of the top summer spots in Provence. Paddle boats are great fun for the younger children and come complete with a slide so you can create your own water park. A sandy beach is just the spot to soak up the sun, and facilities are family-orientated, making it a great spot for those with younger children.

Charming villages and towns

You could spend a lifetime touring the towns and villages of Provence and still not see them all. It's a region of fortified medieval villages clinging to hills and mountains, tumbling cobbled streets, and sleepy squares. Our top pick of towns to add to your Provence with kids itinerary are:

Les Baux

You'll need to pack a good pair of walking shoes because this authentic medieval town can only be visited on foot. The ancient houses have been sympathetically restored, and the streets are lined with delightful boutiques and stores. After you've explored the town, take a short walk to the underground stone quarry and be mesmerised by the Carrières de Lumières. This genuinely spectacular light and music show uses the caves as a natural backdrop. This is definitely one of the more unique things to do in Provence with kids, who will be enchanted by the show.

The medieval marvel of Avignon

Known as the City of the Popes, Avignon was a hugely influential and important city during the early medieval period. With key locations such as the Saint Benezet Bridge and the Palace of the Popes, it’s a fascinating day out if you have children who love castles and tales of knights and daring deeds. If little ones get tired, the Avignon tourist trains save walking and are a fun way to see the city.

The Roman Amphitheatre at Orange

One of the best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in Europe, Orange is a fantastic experience for kids who love history. As well as the Roman remains, Orange is a charming little town with a couple of leafy parks that are perfect for a picnic.

Cultural experiences in Provence

Immerse yourself in French culture with a variety of experiences that are suitable for all ages. Our top three cultural things to do in Provence with kids are:

Learn how to make Calissons

If there’s one thing that is quintessentially Provençal, it’s the Calisson cookie. This tasty treat is enjoyed across Provence, and cookery classes teach you how to make your own. We are talking about cookies here, so you can guarantee that kids of all ages will adore learning how to make them. The original version is the Calisson d'Aix, made with specific local ingredients.

Discover the delights of Pétanque

You'll see this game played right across Provence. Anywhere with a grassy courtyard or a public park, you'll find the locals enjoying a game of pétanque or boules in the afternoon sunshine. It's a simple and fun game that even young children can play, the rules are quick and easy to learn, and it’s a wonderful way to feel like a local.

Pick up a paintbrush

Provence is legendary for its soft, golden light. The magical landscape and those enchanting medieval villages have inspired generations of artists, including famous names like Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso. Let it inspire you and your children with an art class led by a professional artist.

Must-visit attractions for families

If you have younger children with you, Provence has plenty of theme parks and attractions that will keep them entertained and happy. Our pick of top things to do in Provence with children include:

Barben Zoological Park

This green park, filled with animals to see and over 9 km of footpaths, makes a great day out for active families.

La Ferme aux Crocodiles, Pierrelatte

If your little ones adore all things reptilian, this is the place to go. With ten species of crocodiles, giant tortoises, lizards, snakes and tropical birds, it’s a colourful day out for kids who want to learn more about these fascinating animals.

Seaquarium, Grau du Roi

For kids interested in the underwater wonders of the ocean, Seaquarium is filled with amazing exhibits and has more sharks than any other aquarium in France. Here, you can learn more about the conservation efforts to help protect these misunderstood creatures.


As part of our blog post on things to do in Provence with kids, we’ve put together some of your most frequently asked questions and top tips for planning a vacation with kids in Provence.

Best family-friendly places to stay when visiting Provence with children

At onefinestay, we have a wealth of wonderful villas in Provence that are ideal for families with kids. If you want a more beach-focused stay, our villas on the Côte d'Azur give you plenty of choices as well as easy access to the inland treasures of Provence. Take a look at our destinations guides for Provence and the Côte d'Azur, and pick a Provence villa that suits you.

Are there any special events in Provence that are suitable for children?

There are festivals and events all year round in Provence, but one of the best and most family-friendly is the L'Été Marseillais (Marseille Summer). The festival comprises two months of mostly free activities around Marseille, including firework displays, concerts, carnival processions, music and dancing, and some delicious street food.

Is Provence a child-friendly destination?

Absolutely. Provence is very family-friendly and is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to introduce French culture to young children or teenagers alike.

How many days should I plan for a family trip to Provence?

You could spend a lifetime in Provence and still not see everything. A taster holiday of one week in Provence with kids is enough to make everyone fall in love with the region. However two weeks is also a great option, to ensure you have the time to fully appreciate the region. We promise you, you’ll be back again and again as this gorgeous part of France will capture your heart.

What is the best month to go to Provence with children?

Any time from early spring to early autumn is ideal, although July and August can be very hot and could be uncomfortable for young children. Our top pick is May, when the lavender fields are starting to bloom and the weather is warm and dry but not too hot.

The onefinestay experience

No matter which Provence villa you decide to visit, you're guaranteed a memorable escape when you book with onefinestay. You'll benefit from our outstanding conciergerie services as well as our vast range of beautiful villas. From private chefs and wine tastings to one-of-a-kind experiences and activities, allow us to tailor your next secluded vacation in Provence.

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