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British Virgin Islands: Event calendar for a heavenly getaway


13 June, 2023


28 August, 2023

A calendar of the British Virgin Islands' best events

Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival: In this international sailing event, more than 150 boats take part in three thrilling races through the spectacular waters of the BVIs. At the end of the race, you can enjoy a cocktail while savouring the incredible views matched with world-class sailing.

Where: Sir Francis Drake Channel, BVIs

When: Annually in late March and early April

Spanish Town Fisherman’s Jamboree: A hearty festival celebrating the fine art of fishing, here the main event is a wahoo fishing tournament, but visitors can also sample the fresh catches, attend lively parades, and listen to spontaneous live music performances.

Where: Virgin Gorda, BVIs

When: Annually on Easter Weekend

BVIs Music Festival: Artists from around the globe make their way to the BVIs for this dazzling three-day concert. Acts range from some of the world’s biggest reggae calypso, jazz, fungi (the local music of the BVIs), reggae, and rock artists. The music is accompanied by delicious local food and a pristine white sandy dance floor.

Where: British Virgin Islands

When: Annually on Memorial Day Weekend

Wreck Week: In this event, scuba divers come together to explore the islands' most stunning dive sites, attempt shipwreck certification courses, take part in a treasure hunt, and help clean up some of the BVI's most beautiful beaches.

Where: British Virgin Islands

When: Annually in late June

HiHo Windsurfing Competition: Hosted by the clothing brand HiHo, this fabulous event combines windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and yacht racing into an action-packed week-long adventure, attracting the world’s best athletes and sailors to the BVIs.

Where: British Virgin Islands

When: Annually in late June and early July

Some of our favourite villas in the British Virgin Islands:

Baraka Point

Welcome to Baraka Point, an island paradise. Perched directly on the white-sand shores of Nail Bay, along the west coast of Virgin Gorda, the oceanside escape offers sensational views out over the Caribbean Sea and magnificent volcanic boulders. The estate is set within two acres of verdant green palm gardens, ensuring maximum privacy during your stay.

Where: Virgin Gorda, BVIs

Cheemaun Beach Villa

Cheemaun Beach Villa exquisitely blends indoor and outdoor living; the spacious open plan living areas, fitted with elegant high ceilings, completely open up to the pool terrace that showcases stunning ocean views. Come and discover this beachside paradise nestled within lush, tropical gardens.

Where: Virgin Gorda, BVIs

Necker Island

This private island, among the world’s most famous addresses, is fringed by various bone-white beaches and snorkel-tastic coral reefs. Along Necker Island's main beach, watersports such as kitesurfing, sailing, diving and paddleboarding are available through out your stay. Paradise awaits!

Where: Necker Island, BVIs

The onefinestay experience

Here at onefinestay, we specialise in bespoke vacations. Whether you’re after relaxation, adventure or simply looking to discover the awe-inspiring beauty of the BVIs, we’ve prepared a selection of exclusive concierge services to ensure that your break is as memorable as it should be. From private chef hire to at-home spa experiences, you’ll be given these options when you book your stay with one of our Travel Advisors. Everything is taken care of before your arrival, so you can simply turn up and unwind!

Tempted by a heavenly Caribbean getaway?