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St Barts: Event calendar for a dazzling getaway


13 June, 2023


28 August, 2023

A calendar of St Barts' very best events

Carnival of St Barts: One of the island's major parades, the Carnival of St Barts is a riot of colourful costumes and floats, weaving through the streets of Gustavia, the island's capital. Be ready for a busy schedule of fun-filled parties, lively concerts, and other great events taking place throughout the week.

Where: St Barts

When: Annually in late February and early March

Bucket Regatta: The world’s most elegant and extraordinary super-yachts gather together for this thrilling three-day competition, racing across the glittering waves of St Barts.

Where: Port of Gustavia, St Barts

When: Annually in mid-March

Les Voiles de St Barts: A prestigious sailing event where participants race their sailing yachts around the island and on offshore courses. The atmosphere here is always very festive and social, with lots of outdoor parties and concerts.

Where: St Barts

When: Annually in late April

St Barts Film Festival: Created to celebrate the culture, music, and heritage of the incredible Caribbean region, this thought-provoking festival also hosts an array of round-table discussions and afternoon video screenings.

Where: Flamands and Gustavia, St Barts

When: Annually in early May

St Barths Gourmet Festival: This event welcomes twelve chefs from around the world, challenging them to create a series of '4-hand dinners' (a collaborative selection of dishes with no restrictions on recipes, ingredients or techniques). The chefs are also invited to showcase their culinary talents at ten of St Barts' best restaurants, so make sure you book a table!

Where: St Barts

When: Annually in early November

Some of our favourite villas in St Barts:

Villa Sasha

Villa Sasha is a beautiful spot for an unforgettable island escape with your loved ones, thanks to its beguiling views, sleek decor and glittering infinity pool. Cool off in its amazing pool, while savouring the stretching views out over the famously turquoise Caribbean ocean and the luscious green foliage that surrounds it.

Where: Corossol, St Barts


Villa Belamour is a delightful villa that commands idyllic views across the sparkling Caribbean Sea and the nearby islets. It is the ultimate retreat for an unforgettable honeymoon, anniversary, or a week together with family, far away from life’s usual distractions.

Where: Pointe Milou, St Barts

Fleur de Mer

Fleur de Mer enriches the glorious surroundings with its striking colonial style and grandeur that easily sits within the tranquillity of this tropical paradise. From the richly scented flowers of the impeccably manicured gardens to the gentle sound of the ocean waves in the distance, this villa is brimming with serene beauty.

Where: Colombier, St Barts

The onefinestay experience

Here at onefinestay, we specialise in bespoke vacations. Whether you’re after relaxation, adventure or simply looking to discover the awe-inspiring beauty of St Barts, we’ve prepared a selection of exclusive concierge services to ensure that your break is as memorable as it should be. From private chef hire to at-home spa experiences, you’ll be given these options when you book your stay with one of our Travel Advisors. Everything is taken care of before your arrival, so you can simply turn up and unwind!

Ready for a dazzling getaway in St Barts?