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St Martin: Event calendar for a perfect getaway


13 June, 2023


29 August, 2023

St Martin

Heineken Regatta: This annual series of major boat races draws over 200+ vessels from across the globe. This event starts off each day with a variety of races and toasts the sunset with a variety of beach concerts lasting all night.

Where: St Martin

When: Annually in late February and early March

SXM festival: Welcome to the most anticipated beach party in the Caribbean. With a busy schedule of concerts taking place at stunning venues across the island, this is an event electro music lovers will not want to miss.

Where: Marigot, St Martin

When: Annually in mid March

St Martin Carnival: This carnival is all about bringing people together from all different backgrounds and cultures. It spreads joy across the island and is all about showcasing and enjoying the local culture, food, music and pageantry. St Martin Carnival is the biggest event of the year and one of the island’s main largest attractions!

Where: Philipsburg, St Martin

When: Annually in April to May

Festival de la Gastronomie: This festival is the ideal opportunity to discover the art of food on St Martin. Be ready for cookery workshops for all ages, encounters between guest chefs and students from the vocational high school of the northern islands, giant barbecues, gourmet tastings, and food history sessions.

Where: Marigot, St Martin

When: Annually in mid-November

Running night: Welcome to the perfect race for families. This is a Christmas-themed nocturnal relay race in the heart of Marigot, celebrating the end of the year and all the festivity it brings.

Where: Marigot, St Martin

When: Annually in mid-December

St Martin villas with awe-inspiring views:


Surrounded by lush palms on the gentle hillside of Indigo Bay, Emeraude boasts breathtaking views over the sparkling sapphire ocean towards the distant island of Saba. Its name means “emerald” in French, and, with its abundance of exquisitely furnished space and views of the spectacular sunset, this villa truly is the jewel of St Martin.

Where: Grand Case, St Martin

La Samanna Villas

Drenched in Caribbean sunshine and with the gentle sound of the sea as a constant companion, La Samanna Villa is the perfect St Martin hideaway. Located on a bluff overlooking Baie Longue, this villa has a unique character that spotlights the breathtaking natural views as an ever-changing work of art.

Where: Terres Basses, St Martin


Welcome to Amandara, a beautiful villa just minutes away from the pink sands of Baie Rouge, boasting mesmerising views across the ever-changing horizon. Here, the gorgeous aquamarine waters of the mosaic-tiled infinity pool seemingly flow into the sparkling turquoise waves of the sea beyond.

Where: Terres Basses, St Martin

The onefinestay experience

Here at onefinestay, we specialise in bespoke holidays. Whether you’re after relaxation, adventure or simply looking to discover the awe-inspiring beauty of St Martin, we’ve prepared a selection of exclusive concierge services to ensure that your break is as memorable as it should be. From private chef hire to at-home spa experiences, you’ll be given these options when you book your stay with one of our Travel Advisors. Everything is taken care of before your arrival, so you can simply turn up and unwind!

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