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The onefinestay guide to visiting Mexico with children


20 November, 2023


20 November, 2023

Wondrous, exotic, mysterious and beautiful, Mexico is a dream destination and the perfect place to introduce your children to the marvels of Central America.

While travelling to Mexico with kids is simple, there are a few things you need to know to make it a fabulous journey from start to finish. At onefinestay, we not only help you select your perfect holiday hideaway from our collection of the best luxury villas in Mexico. We also help you create the dream Mexico family holiday itinerary with expert advice, insider tips, and planning assistance from your dedicated concierge.

In this guide, we'll explore some of Mexico’s most popular attractions, how to plan your trip, and introduce your children to the culture and cuisine of Mexico.

Planning your trip

When is the best time to travel to Mexico with kids?

The best time to book that family holiday to Mexico with kids is between December and April. This is the 'dry' season when rainfall and humidity are low, and you're almost guaranteed to experience wall-to-wall sunshine. September is quieter and a little cooler, and while you might encounter some showers, it's a comfortable time of the year for some serious sightseeing.

Be prepared for the size of the country

Mexico is a big country, so if you're planning any road trips to visit temples or major attractions such as Mexico City, it's wise to choose a comfortable, spacious car and prepare your kids for a long trip. Your dedicated concierge can arrange car hire for you and help with advice on how to tackle Mexico City's notorious traffic.

Get the children involved with the planning

Travelling to Mexico with kids is a big adventure, so it's important that they feel involved in the decision-making process, too, so that it feels like 'their' holiday as much as yours. Before you set off, why not watch videos of the major attractions? You could also have a themed ‘Mexican Night’ and create a Mexican feast to give the kids a taste of the flavours they can expect to encounter, or even have some fun learning a few Spanish phrases together.

What to pack for a family trip to Mexico

Plenty of sun cream should certainly be top of the list if you're planning to spend 3 weeks in Mexico with the kids. The Mexican sunshine can be pretty intense, even if you think you’re shaded from it on a stroll through the jungle to a cenote for a cooling swim. Our top tip: think about picking a sun cream with a high SPF and one that is kind to the environment, too.

Light cotton clothes and sun hats are a must, especially if you plan to climb a pyramid or two while here. Beach shoes are a good idea, too, as while the sand is super-soft, it can get surprisingly hot.

Comfortable trainers are ideal if you're going to any of the major historical attractions as they cover acres of ground, and there are a lot of steps involved in climbing to the top of a pyramid.

If your child takes any medication, such as asthma inhalers, it's prudent to ensure they have more than enough to last the trip. However, it is illegal to bring certain medications into Mexico, including some allergy and sinus medications, so be sure to double-check this well beforehand Our top tip: take a copy of your doctor's prescription so you can show that your GP has issued the medication

Some of the best family-friendly attractions in Mexico

There are so many child-friendly attractions in Mexico that you'll need several trips to see them all. The ideal length of a holiday in Mexico with kids is around three weeks, as this gives you plenty of time to create a fun and exciting itinerary with lots of special days out and plenty of family time together in your luxury Mexico villa. We've gone into more depth on child-friendly attractions in our informative guide of Things to Do in Mexico with Kids, but here are a few suggestions:

· Explore the ancient Mayan civilisation with a trip to Tulum, home to some of the best-preserved ruins on the Yucatán Peninsula. For the ultimate in Mayan pyramids, an excursion to Chichén Itzá UNESCO World Heritage site is a must to see the famous El Castillo pyramid.

· A day at Xcaret Park will immerse your kids in the natural wonder of Mexico, along with plenty of fun exploring underwater rivers, aquariums and turtle conservation centres.

· Take a charter yacht and sail around the iconic El Arco de Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja California Sur, where you can whale watch and see turtles, dolphins and sea lions.

Your onefinestay dedicated concierge can help you get the most out of these amazing destinations by pre-booking tickets so you can avoid the queues.

Discovering Mexican cuisine as a family

Mexico has one of the richest and most varied cuisines in the world. It’s so unique that in 2010, authentic Mexican food was given Intangible Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO, thanks to the culinary techniques and customs associated with many of its dishes.

Each region has its specialities. If you want to try Mexican street food and are spending 2 or 3 days in Mexico City with the kids, you’ll get a chance to try some of the capital’s best-loved ‘food on the go’. If you’re staying in luxury resorts such as Punta Mita or Puerto Vallarta, you’ll experience different gourmet food than that served in Cancun. Here are a few popular Mexican dishes you'll find almost everywhere and ones that children will love:

· Start the day the Mexican way with Chilaquiles. This dish comprises triangles of fried or toasted tortillas known as totopos, with spicy hot sauce, shredded chicken, chorizo sausage and shredded beef, topped off with a golden-yoked fried egg.

· A staple dish in Mexico, tacos are familiar to everyone and very child-friendly. Containing everything from shredded beef and chicken to BBQ pork, tacos are a great introduction to the concept of communal dining, where everyone helps themselves to the tasty treats on offer.

· Burritos are another very familiar dish that children will probably already know about, and are a great way to introduce new foods to your younger travellers.

· Popular in the south of the country and especially in the Yucatán Peninsula is Cochinita Pibil – slow-cooked shredded pork marinated with tangy Seville orange juice and cooked wrapped in banana leaves. If your children aren't too keen on very spicy food, this is a great one to introduce them to Mexican food, as the sweetness of the orange gives it a milder flavour.

Safety tips for travelling in Mexico with children

While Mexico is generally a safe country to travel in, you can do a few things to ensure you and your children stay safe and secure during your visit.

· Ask your dedicated concierge to arrange car hire, ensuring that child seats are included in the package if you have young children.

· A family holiday to Mexico is an exciting time for children, and it's easy for them to wander off. It's a good idea to create an emergency contact card to pop in their pocket with your mobile phone number and the name and address of your villa so you can be contacted quickly and easily if they do become separated.

· If your children are a little older, it’s a great idea to work out a plan with them should you become separated, including who to approach for help.

· If your child has a medical condition, consider giving them a medical ID bracelet to wear.

· Don't forget to apply sun cream, especially if you're spending the day sightseeing, on the beach or at a water park. It gets very hot in the middle of the day, so perhaps consider heading indoors for a leisurely lunch (the main meal of the day in Mexico) to let everyone cool down.

Cultural etiquette and useful Spanish phrases

Every country has its own cultural etiquette, and if you want to have the best time on your family holiday to Mexico, here are a few tips on how to live life like a local:

· Greetings in Mexico are initially very polite and formal, although you’ll quickly find that you receive a hug or an ‘abrazo’ as a greeting rather than just saying ‘hello’.

· It's good etiquette to compliment the food (even if you don’t like it!). Putting your knife and fork together on the plate signifies that you've finished your meal.

· If you’re invited to dinner, always wait for the host or hostess to start eating first. Remember to say "buen provecho" (the Spanish version of “bon appétit).

· Religion and faith are important to the Mexican people. If you do attend a festival that has religious roots, be respectful of their beliefs.

· Punctuality isn't as strictly adhered to in Mexico as it is in Europe, so it helps to be a little flexible with timings.

Useful Spanish phrases for families

A few simple phrases go a long way, and can also encourage younger travellers to develop an interest in learning a whole new language. Our top tip is to download a Spanish language app on your phone that can help you with more complex sentences.

The most common phrases you’ll need are:

  • Buenos días (Good morning)

  • Buenas tardes (Good afternoon)

  • Buenas noches (Good evening)

  • Hola (Hello)

  • Adiós (Goodbye)

  • Perdón (Excuse me or sorry)

  • Por favor (please)

  • Gracias (thank you)

  • Cuánto cuesta? (how much does this cost?)

  • La cuenta por favor (the bill, please)

  • Habla usted inglés? (Do you speak English?)

Accommodation options for families

At onefinestay, we want you to treasure the memories of your family holiday to Mexico. To ensure that every aspect of your Mexico trip with the kids is filled with memories, we’ve gathered some of Mexico's best luxury villa rentals that are ideal for that dream family vacation.

From beachfront boho to contemporary chic, opulent elegance in Puerto Vallarta or laid-back luxury in Cabo San Lucas, we ensure every second of your trip is unforgettable. To help you choose your favourite, we've divided them into regions that include Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Riviera Maya.

Your dedicated concierge is on hand to arrange all those little extras, such as tickets to family-friendly attractions or pre-booked entry into some of Mexico's most exciting locations, so you can save time queuing. They can also book a table for that anniversary meal at the best restaurant in town or arrange for a personal chef to come to you and cook that family celebration meal at your villa.

Are you ready to explore Mexico with the kids? Let onefinestay introduce you to one of the most colourful, vibrant and bewitching destinations on the planet. A family holiday to Mexico will make you fall in love with this amazing country.


Whether you’re after relaxation, adventure or pure foodie indulgence, here at onefinestay we know exactly what it takes to make your getaway special. With our range of exclusive concierge services, you’ll have a host of sumptuous experiences at your very fingertips. Relax with an in-villa spa experience, enjoy a feast at home with a private chef or explore the oceans in style in a gleaming yacht. What’s more, it can all be booked pre-stay, meaning all you have to do when you get there is relax.