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Your ultimate Paris 2024 Olympics travel guide


9 August, 2023


6 March, 2024

In 2024, the world will unite to celebrate the skill and dedication of the greatest athletes. In this Paris 2024 Olympics travel guide, we'll give you all the advice you need to make your Olympics experience one to remember.

Our guide will look at all the essential information you need, including the Paris Olympics 2024 dates, the top spots for accommodation, the various venues and other tips. We'll also offer suggestions of the best places to visit in Paris in between events to soak up the culture, cuisine and ambience of this incredible city. From the opening ceremony to the moment the torch is handed over to the next hosts, your Paris 2024 Olympics travel guide has everything you need to know.

The Paris 2024 Olympics – an inclusive event

This is the third time Paris has played host to the Summer Olympics and the sixth time France has been an Olympic destination. This time, there are a few significant elements to the celebration, not least of which is the fact that the Paris 2024 emblem is the same for both the Olympics and the Paralympics, cementing the fact that inclusion is at the heart of the games.

Sports fans can choose from 329 events in 32 sports, covering 48 disciplines – one of the most diverse sporting lineups for any modern event. And it's not just the usual athletics, swimming, cycling and sailing that you can enjoy. Other disciplines include BMX freestyling, handball, skateboarding, and Taekwondo. And if you can't get to France but happen to be in Tahiti at the end of July, you can also catch the Olympic surfing competition at Teahupo'o.

As well as the sporting skills of the world’s greatest athletes, immerse yourself in the culture of Paris, with art galleries and exhibitions, museums and parks to explore. If you’ve always promised yourself that trip to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, now’s your chance. Or wander along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées for some of Europe's best high-end unmatched shopping.

Preparing for your trip

Preparing to go to France for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games requires some additional planning. You'll need to know details, such as which events are being held where, and to try to arrange your accommodation within easy reach of the venues to reduce travel time.

When are the Paris 2024 Olympic games being held?

The games start on 26th July and continue to 11th August 2024.

Researching the event schedule and venues

You need to know what's on and where to get the right tickets. Full Paris Olympics 2024 schedules are available online. These also include the venues where each event is being held, including those outside Paris, such as the sailing in Marseille and the football at the various stadiums around the country, including the Parc des Princes, Nantes Stadium, Bordeaux Stadium, Marseille Stadium, Nice Stadium, Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium and Lyon Stadium. More information can be found on the official website for the Paris Olympics 2024.

Book your stay in advance

Not only do you have to organise your tickets in advance, but you'll also need to make arrangements for somewhere to stay while in Paris. This also needs to be done well in advance of the dates, as demand for accommodation in Paris during this time will be off the scale. If you know the venue of the events you're interested in seeing, you can then work out where would be most convenient to stay. Traffic around the main Olympic venues will be heavy, so accommodation within easy reach on foot or via the Metro or rail network is the most practical.

To find out more about where to stay in Paris for the 2024 Olympic games, look at our informative guide to the best neighbourhoods, apartments and homes.

Securing tickets for Olympic events

Tickets for all of the events can be purchased via the official Olympic ticketing website. This is the first time ticket sales have been exclusively restricted to online to eliminate the possibility of fake tickets or 'touts' selling overpriced tickets.

Remember that demand for high-profile tickets, such as those for the 2024 Paris Olympics opening ceremony and key events such as the 100m finals, will be huge, so the earlier you can secure your ticket, the better. Other events may have more availability but don't assume you're the only person who loves watching fencing or rhythmic gymnastics, as nearly all the event tickets sell out quickly.

Packing essentials for a comfortable and memorable trip

Apart from the essentials (including your tickets), you'll need to pack a few things to have the best Olympic experience.

· Extra memory/storage for your phone is a must, especially if you've got a ringside seat for the opening or closing ceremonies.

· Comfortable shoes – there may be a bit of waiting around to get into the venues, unless you have VIP tickets that'll whisk you past the queues, so make sure you've got comfortable shoes to wear.

· Plan for some downtime – if you have children with you, make sure you’ve planned some activities for those days when you’re not watching the sport. Download a map of Paris, some of which feature popular walking routes around the city where you can take in all the sights.

· Take a light raincoat just in case of showers, especially if you're watching events in any of the open-air arenas.

Must-visit Olympic venues

The Eiffel Tower

Built for the 1889 World Fair, the Eiffel Tower is the first thing you think of when picturing a Parisian landscape. Made from iron in the Pompey Forges in the east of France, it's a symbol of the achievements, the dynamism and the innovation of the start of the industrial age. It's fitting, then, that this iconic symbol of Paris will be the backdrop for several Olympic events, such as the triathlon, marathon swimming, beach volleyball and road cycling, which are guaranteed to be among the most popular events. The Eiffel Tower will also host the opening and closing ceremonies and a spectacular light show every night during the Olympic Games.

The Champs-Elysées

The most famous avenue in the world will be transformed into a giant sports arena for the Olympic Games. The Champs-Elysées will host the road cycling races, as well as the marathon and race walking events.

The broad boulevard means there's plenty of room for spectators all along the route. You can also enjoy the festive atmosphere and the cultural activities along the avenue and take in a spot of shopping while you're there. With top brands all having their flagship stores along the boulevard, the Champs-Elysées will be just as enticing on the days when there are no events.

The Grand Palais

The stunning glass and steel structure that was built for the 1900 World Fair. This magnificent location at the end of the Champs-Elysées will host two Olympic sports: fencing and Taekwondo. The Grand Palais will also host artistic swimming during the Paralympic Games later in the year.

With exhibitions of some of the world’s greatest artists, mesmerising architecture and gourmet food on offer, the Grand Palais is worth a visit at any time of the year. It’s one of the most beautiful of the Paris Olympics venues, whether you're here to watch the elegant art of fencing or simply want to stroll around the gardens surrounding the palace.

The Stade de France

While all eyes will be on the Eiffel Tower for the Olympic opening ceremony, it’s the Stade de France where the action really takes place.

The largest stadium in France, this will be the main Paris 2024 Olympic venue and will host the athletics and some football matches during the Olympic Games. The Stade de France will also host rugby sevens during the Paralympic Games. If you've never been to the stadium before, this is your chance to see how impressive it is from the inside and enjoy the electric atmosphere in key events such as the decathlon, the 400m relay and the 100m finals.

The Palace of Versailles

Once the home of the Sun King and his court, the majestic former residence of French royalty will be the setting for equestrian events during the Olympic Games.

Such an elegant setting is perfect for the precise art of dressage while show-jumping events will take place in specially-constructed arenas and courses within the grounds. But it's not all prancing horses, as the Palace of Versailles will also host the modern pentathlon during the Paralympic Games. You can explore the gardens, the fountains and the museum of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Culinary experiences: Where to eat during the Olympics

Paris is a culinary experience in itself. A world of cuisine is available, from tasty street food at the farmer's markets to Michelin-starred restaurants serving classic French food. You’re spoilt for choice in the French capital when it comes to food, but here are some suggestions if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Paris near the Olympic Venues:

L’Arpège – Located at 84, Rue de Varenne, L’Arpège is a very special restaurant. Boasting three Michelin stars and a Michelin Green Star for sustainability, the delicious food is created by chef Alain Passard using produce grown in the restaurant’s private garden for the minimum field-to-plate miles and a truly fresh taste.

Plénitude (Cheval Blanc) – You’ll find this three-starred Michelin restaurant on the first floor of Cheval Blanc Paris, at 8 Quai de Louvre. The food is simply exquisite, created by master chef Arnaud Donckele.

Ogata – Residing at 16 Rue Debelleyme is Ogata, a Michelin-starred restaurant specialising in contemporary Japanese food. It's just a short distance from where the opening ceremonies are held and is a refined, elegant restaurant with an intimate atmosphere.

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