4 Ways to Make Your Home Come Alive


2 February, 2022


22 August, 2022

Whether it’s a Los Angeles villa or a London apartment, the best homes have a real ‘sense of place’. Who better to guide us through creating that all-important feeling at home than the internationally celebrated interior designer Hubert Zandberg?

What is a 'sense of place'?

When done well, it’s more than just a theme – it’s an atmosphere that evokes a sense of belonging.

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Engage with your environment

It doesn’t have to be really obvious, sometimes subtle references to your surroundings – doing something with texture, colour or mirroring the landscape can go a long way. Buy local art, or collect antiques from nearby markets to give your home a feeling of authenticity. Look out the window. The view starts within the room – you need to tie the interior with the exterior to bring the two together.

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Make it meaningful

One of the best ways to give your home a ‘sense of place’ is to make it reflect your own experiences, and tell your story in an intimate way. Every time I come back to my apartment when I’ve been away to somewhere I love, I’ll bring back a stone and put it in a bowl. When I look at the bowl, I’m immediately transported to Mykonos or a beach in Cape Town.

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Start small

Something small, like a particularly evocative piece of furniture, is a great place to start. It helps you to choose a concept – it’s a launching-off point, something to help you narrow down the thousands of options open to you. The best homes are designed with structure in mind, and this will help to form that structure.

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