The City

Introducing The City

Westminster’s smarter, besuited cousin, this square mile is the oldest part of London. Walk its maze of streets and you’ll find names that attest to its medieval past: Hanging Sword Alley, Poultry, Crutched Friars. Today, the City is home to high-end restaurants and bars, and the iconic skyscrapers of modern finance. London’s history is still sprouting through the cracks, from the sections of Londinium’s Roman wall to its medieval churches.

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      Best known for

      Lord Foster’s phallic form of 30 St. Mary Axe...

      ...or the Gherkin if you’re directing a taxi.

      The Barbican Estate

      A prominent example of British brutalist architecture and staunch divider of opinion - concrete eyesore to some, Modernist marvel to others.

      Today, despite making up just one square mile of London proper, it holds its own city status and jurisdiction (spot the red-and-white checked badge on police uniforms).

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