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Located southwest of Victoria and a short walk from Sloane Square, Pimlico is the ideal place to dip into a novel over a pint, or head for a proper English fry-up at a local café. Its elegant Regency terraces and garden squares are a little escape from the nearby, fast-paced West End, with Pimlico's farmers market held on the corner of Ebury Street and Pimlico Road.

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      Dolphin Square

      A mega-block of 1,250 private apartments with adjoining businesses and restaurants built to be a 'city within the city' in 1935, now home to many MPs from nearby Westminster.

      Passport to Pimlico

      The Ealing comedy from 1949 about eccentric locals finding a charter proclaiming the area to be part of France rather than England – the separatist sentiments somehow linger on in modern times, which adds to the charm of the neighbourhood.

      Tate Britain

      The Millbank mansion, some would say, houses a more palatable dose of art compared to it's big cousin – either way you can catch the boat here to Tate Modern for a double-hit and make your own mind up.

      It's the perfect place to dip into a post-war novel over a pint at the Orange, or head for a proper English fry-up at the Regency, all white tiles, hot tea and egg and chips.

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