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St Pancras Clock Tower King's Cross

High above the city, this two bedroom, two bathroom home sits within the famous clock tower of St Pancras station, and keeps a watchful eye over one of London’s most exciting areas. While keeping plenty of old-world charm, Kings Cross has enjoyed a flurry of cultural developments in the last 20 years, as art galleries, orchestras and museums have all migrated from other more traditionally affluent areas of London. Inside the iconic monolith, turn back time in the presence of the original clock-winders room, and the wooden box on the east wall which once housed the clock’s weights.

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Sleeps 6 2 bedrooms
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
2 bathrooms
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 Master bedroom  
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 Bath (roll top)   
 Double bedroom  
 Hob (electric)   
 Period features   
 Double bed   
 Ensuite bathroom  
 Architectural interest   

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