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9 August, 2023


6 March, 2024

The best places to visit in Italy with kids: Planning, tips & more

Culture. History. Glorious countryside. Fabulous food and wine. What could be better than a family vacation to Italy? This diverse country has mountains and lakes in the north, sleepy Mediterranean villages in the south, towering volcanoes and, of course, the eternal city of Rome, with its staggering history and culture. From the islands of Sicily and Sardinia to the refined elegance of Lake Como, the charm of Florence and the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, Italy is the dream destination for a family holiday.

A great aspect of Italian holidays is that children are welcomed wherever you go. Bambinos are instantly embraced and made to feel like one of the family, whether you're visiting one of our sublime villas in Italy or a friendly local bistro. There's plenty here to keep children engaged and entertained, from the frozen figures of Pompeii to the marvels of the Colosseum and the head-scratching physics behind the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Our guide to the best places to visit in Italy with children will give you tips on the top destinations, advice on how to plan an Italy family vacation, and some inside knowledge on the best family vacation spots in Italy.

How to plan a family trip to Italy

Crafting an itinerary for your family trip

You only have a limited amount of time on your family holiday to Italy, so putting together an itinerary is essential to make the most of every day.

Our top tip: make sure the children are involved in the planning, but keep it flexible as you never know when you might change your mind and go off on an unplanned adventure.

Plan transport

Getting around Italy is easy. The road system is well maintained and a pleasure to drive, especially in the country's north. Here is where you'll find some of the most beautiful roads in the world, particularly around Lake Como.

Our top tip: Ask your onefinestay concierge to have your car hire waiting for you on arrival, as this will give you the freedom to explore everything this beautiful country offers. Let them know if you have any young children in the group, as children under 1.5m in height must use an approved restraint system or car seat when riding in a car.

A train trip is always fun, and if you’re on an Italy family vacation a train journey through the Tuscan countryside or into the heart of Naples or Rome is a great day out. Speak to your concierge for more information on routes and booking tickets.

Enjoy the very finest child-friendly accommodation

Here at onefinestay, we offer an incredible array of family-friendly villas across Italy. From Tuscan palazzos and waterfront mansions in Lake Como to elegant Roman townhouses and beachfront boltholes in Sardinia, our Italian villas and homes can accommodate children of all ages, even the very youngest guests. An array of our villas come with bunk rooms, home cinemas and games rooms, meaning keeping the little ones happy and entertained will be a breeze.

What’s more, with our additional service menu, we can provide an array of child-friendly equipment and experiences. Whether you need cots, pushchairs or toys delivered to the villa, or you’re looking for a private chef to craft the ultimate family meal, your onefinestay concierge will be able to make arrangements for you

Our top tip: We can organise professional childcare services at many of our villas in Italy, so parents can have a little quality time together, with the peace of mind that the children are being taken care of.

Tips for travelling to Italy with children

Holidays in Italy aren't just for couples. Children are adored in Italy, and you'll find that everywhere you go, they're greeted as if they're long-lost nephews and nieces. If you're travelling to Italy with children, here are a few top tips to make it a truly special time:

Prepare them beforehand by going online and having a look at the region you’ll be visiting. Don’t just focus on the museums and the history, but find videos and photos of the beaches and the fun, child-friendly entertainment on offer so they feel excited about the adventure.

Teach them a few simple Italian phrases like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ that the locals will appreciate.

Ask them what they'd like to do, and ensure you include plenty of child-friendly activities in your planning. That could be days on the beach, hiking up volcanos (which any active youngster will love), or visiting theme parks throughout the country.

The dense crowds around the 'big ticket' locations may be overwhelming for a young child. Instead, head to quieter locations where they can enjoy Italian culture in a more relaxed setting.

If you’re visiting attractions or theme parks, have your dedicated concierge book ahead so you don't spend hours waiting in line. This is especially important if you plan your Italy family vacation during the peak summer season (June - August).

The best places in Italy for a family vacation

From the fascinating history of Rome and the incredible culture of Sicily to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi Coast, here are a few of the best places to visit in Italy with children.

Best places for culture lovers and history fans

Italy has more than its fair share of fascinating history and rich culture. The birthplace of the Renaissance, home of some of the world’s greatest artists and the crux of the Roman Empire, you’ll be spoilt for choice by historical sites and vibrant galleries.


Rome is the place to be for history. It’s literally around every corner, from the mighty Colosseum to countless Roman palaces, medieval churches, the gorgeous Spanish Steps and the mighty city-within-a-city, the Vatican. The Vatican also holds fun scavenger hunts for children during the summer, which teaches them all about the history of the city while having fun at the same time.


Florence is one of the best cities in Italy for families who love their culture. The Renaissance transformed this enchanting part of the country into a powerhouse for art, sculpture, writing and poetry as well as scientific thinking. Florence is one of those destinations that is ideal for older children and young adults who have a real interest in art or Medieval history.

Top spots for nature and adventure

Italy transitions from the mountains of the north to the hot, Mediterranean climate of the south, with the soft rolling hillsides of Tuscany in between. The country's natural beauty is staggering and one visit is never enough to experience its true majesty. Our top spot is:

Lake Como

Perched on the shoreline of the lake and with the mighty Alps towering above it, this sophisticated destination is perfect for families who love to lace up their hiking boots and explore the wilderness. Go sailing on the lake, hike up one of the local hills or go mountain biking along the shoreline - a dream day out for active kids.

Best beach destinations

Is Italy a beach destination? Absolutely. The Italian Riviera runs from the French border to Tuscany, with the city of Genoa in the middle. Expect golden sandy beaches and sleepy villages that pepper the clifftops and valleys along the coastline. Follow the Tuscan coast all the way down past Pisa and towards Lazio, where the pace of life slows down. If you want the best beaches without the usual crowds, head south of Anzio to the Circeo National Park for deserted, sandy spots with sheltered coves that are just right for paddling.


Sardinia is one of the best places to visit in Italy with children. White sandy beaches, a warm, blue ocean, and plenty of family-friendly villas in Sardinia make this island a tranquil and peaceful destination. If you want to spend some quality family time together, Sardinia lets you slow down and relax. It’s very different from the mainland but is large enough to keep young, active minds interested as you explore both the coastline and the interior of the island.


Sitting just off the ‘toe’ of Italy is the largest island in the Mediterranean. If you’re looking for a family holiday in Italy that involves plenty of history, but you don’t want to do the ‘usual’ tourist spots, Sicily will delight you. You’ve also got the drama of Europe’s most active volcano on your doorstep, a fact that’s bound to thrill younger visitors.

FAQs – Planning the best family trip to Italy

It’s time to plan your family vacation to Italy and here at onefinestay, we’re here to help you create the best family itinerary. Italy has so much to see that one trip is never enough, so, luckily, there are plenty of wonderful villas in Tuscany and across Italy to choose from.

Your dedicated concierge is always here to provide you with local knowledge and arrange those special family treats, as well as answer any queries you have. Below are some of the most common questions we’re asked about family holidays in Italy.

What is the best way to travel through Italy with children?

Several international airports make it easy to plan a family vacation to Italy. The road network across the country is exceptionally good, with wide highways and fabulous coastal roads, as well as dramatic winding mountain roads in the Alps. The best way to travel in Italy with children is to hire a car (you can ask your concierge to arrange this for your arrival). This gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore further.

How do I prepare my child for international travel?

While travelling abroad is exciting, some younger children may be a little anxious as to what’s involved. Before you travel, try these tips to make it a more fun experience for your children:

Find the destination on the map and show your children where it is. Explain how you'll get there and how long it'll take. You can even explain how their watch may have to be changed to a different time zone.

Involve your children in the planning process for your holiday. Include their suggestions in your Italy itinerary. For families with older children, let them pick special days out or places that they’d like to visit and include that in your list.

Teach them a few phrases in Italian to help them feel more at home and more connected with a new culture.

Educate them about the food. They’ll already be familiar with world-famous Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, but other Italian dishes may taste very different to what they’re used to. Try and find an authentic Italian restaurant where you live and let your children get used to some of the local flavours before you go to avoid any ‘fussy eating’ moments once you’re there.

What is the best month to travel to Italy?

It will depend on where in Italy you travel to and what your plans are. For city breaks in Rome and Florence, any time of the year is ideal. For beach holidays (including Sardinia and Sicily), the best travel months are May, June, September and October. Most Italians take their annual holiday during July and August so the roads and beaches are quite busy during this period.

What is the most child-friendly city in Italy?

It’s so difficult to say which is the best city to visit in Italy with a family, but if we had to pick just one, it would be Florence. It’s not as busy as Rome, so it won’t overwhelm younger visitors but is guaranteed to enthral them. From the antique merry-go-round in Piazza Della Repubblica to the charming Bartolucci toy shops where they can buy their very-own Pinocchio puppet, Florence is a fabulous city for children of all ages.

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