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The most romantic places in Italy for couples


23 January, 2024


1 February, 2024

Is there anywhere quite as romantic as Italy? Cosy restaurants for that special anniversary meal, sunset walks along the beaches of the Amalfi Coast, or driving in an open-top sports car through the golden countryside of Tuscany or around Lake Como – nowhere else does romance quite like Italy.

Romance in Rome: The Eternal City

Let’s start our romantic journey around Italy with the country's capital. Buzzing and vibrant, with surprises around every corner, it’s one of the best places to go in Italy for couples. Delightful little pizzerias and bistros set the scene for a showstopping meal, while historic sites just beg to be explored.

The wonderful thing about Rome is that it’s a surprisingly compact city, so you can do all your exploring on foot, hand in hand and with plenty of café stops along the way. Our top three romantic places to visit in Rome are:

The Trevi Fountain

This magnificent fountain was an original concept created by Italian architect Nicola Salvi. It was completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762 and is a staggeringly beautiful example of Baroque design. Tradition is that you throw a coin over your left shoulder, using your right hand, into the water. This act ensures that you'll return to the city and find romance here, too. Whether that's true or not, the symbolism of the fountain makes it one of the most romantic places in Italy.

The Spanish Steps

Nestled in a steep slope between the plaza and the church of Trinità dei Monti, the Spanish Steps is a beautiful staircase in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna. Pots of pink azaleas line the steps in the spring, and flower sellers ensure that star-crossed couples have a plentiful supply of red roses.

Villa Borghese

Opened to the public in 1903, Villa Borghese is a tranquil and beautiful park in the heart of Rome that is home to museums, fountains and sculptures, as well as manicured gardens and lush lawns. It’s one of the most romantic places to visit in Rome, and on a sunny day, is the perfect spot for a special picnic or even a proposal.

Other romantic things to do in Rome

Other romantic things to do in Rome include a rooftop meal, where you can gaze out at the historic silhouette of the city spanning over two millennia. Or take a sunset walk at Pincio Terrace as the sky turns pink and gold across the Eternal City. What could be more magical than that?

Where to stay in Rome

With apartments right next to the Spanish Steps or the ultimate opulence of the incredible Palazzo Borghese, onefinestay has a wealth of villas in Rome for that perfect romantic escape with someone special. Immerse yourself in the charm and elegance of the city by staying at the stunning Altare Penthouse, or the enchanting Spanish Steps Terrace.

Florence: A love affair with art and history

The birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is the place where Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile, and Michelangelo created some of the world's most incredible art. It’s a place that captures the romance of Italy around every corner. Our top three romantic spots in Florence are:

Ponte Vecchio

One of the most iconic sites in Florence, this Medieval bridge spans the Arno River and is truly unique. The bridge is lined with gold and jewellery shops and is the perfect place to buy your loved one a token of your affection. This photogenic and evocative bridge is a genuinely beguiling spot in one of the most romantic cities in Italy.

Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence's most famous viewpoint provides panoramic views of the city in all its glory. At sunset, this stunning terrace is enchanting and filled with references to one of the city's most famous sons. A stroll along the terrace as the sunset turns the Tuscan hills in the distance to gold is simply magical.

Boboli Gardens

Home to ancient oak trees and trickling fountains, peaceful, shady spots and the scent of flowers on the breeze, Boboli Gardens are the green lungs of Florence and one of the city's most romantic places for an afternoon stroll. The garden is hundreds of years old, and a guided tour will take you through the history and culture of the heart of the Renaissance.

Other romantic things to do in Florence

A special meal for two at a fine restaurant overlooking the Arno River is at the top of the list of romantic things to do in Florence. For art lovers, the Uffizi Gallery beckons. And after all that exploring, why not share a Florentine gelato as you watch the world go by?

Where to stay in Florence

Florence is one of our favourite city destinations, and the villas and apartments in the city and nearby in the Tuscan countryside are exquisite. Stay in the very heart of the city at the charming Candido Portinari, the perfect hideaway for two. Or indulge in the opulence of Maria del Fiore, with its classical interiors and desirable location.

Tuscany: The heart of romance in Italy

Tuscany is, quite simply, breathtaking. This stunning landscape of rolling countryside, acres of vineyards, hilltop Medieval towns and villages, and spectacular coastline is possibly one of the most romantic places in the world. Tuscany's golden light and outstanding natural beauty have inspired artists, writers and musicians for centuries, and its farmhouses and palazzi offer quintessential romantic hideaways.

The food of love

Tuscany is home to one of the great winemaking regions of Italy, the simply idyllic Chianti. Miles and miles of vineyards cover its verdant hills, connected by broad avenues lined with the typical ‘paintbrush’ style trees. The whole region is famous for its food, much of it grown organically, and of course, its truffles. In fact, if your idea of a romantic trip to Italy involves candle-lit dinners and delicious meals, Tuscany is the place to go.

If you’re a wine connoisseur, many of the wineries offer wine-tasting tours. Or why not get up as the sun rises and take a dawn hot air balloon ride over the Chianti hills? We can’t think of anything more romantic in Tuscany than that.

Discover the best restaurants

The entire region is dotted with exquisite restaurants, and part of the fun of a food tour of Tuscany is hunting out those that are a little off the beaten track. If you stay at a onefinestay villa in Tuscany, your dedicated concierge can advise you on local restaurants to try and arrange reservations for you.

One of the most famous is Arnolfo, in the tiny town of Colle di Val D'Elsa. This superb eatery has two Michelin stars and is famous for its innovative cuisine using local ingredients. Another restaurant to try if you love seafood is La Pineta, which is close to the town of Bolgheri.

More romantic destinations in Italy

Italy will draw you back again and again, with each trip a chance to explore a new area of this incredible country. Here are four further romantic getaway spots in Italy:

Lake Como: Serenity and elegance

One of the best places to go in Italy for couples, this iconic northern Italian destination promises nothing but the best. Lake Como is utterly stunning, with plenty of private villas on offer for the ultimate in privacy and luxury.

The magic of Lake Como and the romance of its setting is best experienced on a private boat trip around the lake.

Take a stroll in the sublime gardens of Villa Carlotta or wander through the flowerbeds of Villa del Balbianello. In the evening, Lake Como's incredible restaurants serve up gourmet food against one of the most romantic backdrops in Italy.

The Amalfi Coast: A lover's paradise

The Amalfi Coast has been the destination for star-crossed lovers since Roman times. This magnificent coastline is filled with charming towns such as Positano and Ravello, and its sandy beaches and enchanting coves are lined by exclusive Amalfi villas, where the sunsets paint the sky in a thousand colours, and the views go on forever.

Visit the region's medieval towns that cling precariously to the edges of cliffs, and you'll find exquisite restaurants for that romantic meal for two, with incredible views of the ocean and dishes made from fresh, local ingredients. Take a sunset boat ride together or explore the hidden beaches that line the coast. If you're newly married, the Amalfi Coast is one of the best honeymoon spots in Italy.

Sicily: Enchanting landscapes and rich heritage

Leaving the Italian mainland behind, we’re hopping over to the beautiful island of Sicily. Here, you’ll find wonderfully romantic spots such as Taormina and the Valley of the Temples. Sicily is larger than you think, so if you’re staying at one of our villas in Sicily, ask your concierge to arrange car hire so you can seek out that special cove for a perfectly romantic picnic on the beach.

The island’s towns are brimming with fabulous seafood restaurants boasting views of the Mediterranean, where couples can spend a few hours lingering over an exquisite meal. There’s lots to see and do on the island, including wine-tasting tours at Sicily's best wineries and exploring the fiery wonders of Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe.

Sardinia: Secluded beaches and crystal clear waters

With secluded beaches, romantic old towns, ancient stone monuments, and lemon orchards, Sardinia is a joyful place that delights the senses. This is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean, so there are plenty of locations where couples can get away from the hustle and bustle and spend some quality time together. Find yourself a secret beach and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, or take a sunset horse ride along a pristine beach. With an exclusive selection of villas in Sardinia on offer, you can make the most of a romantic break on this sunkissed island.

Dining in Sardinia is full of bright, fresh flavours, atmospheric restaurants and treasured moments. The towns of Sardinia are filled with tiny bistros as well as gourmet, Michelin-starred eateries, or buy your loved one a box of deliciously sweet Torrone honey nougat to nibble as you wander around the cobbled streets of Alghero.


Here at onefinestay, we have a choice of incredible Italian villas in Tuscany and on the Amalfi Coast, apartments in Rome and Florence, or secret retreats in Sardinia and Sicily that will enchant you from the moment you step through the door. Your dedicated concierge is on hand to make every moment special, with restaurant reservations and suggestions for off-the-beaten-track attractions you can share with someone special.