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London with artists Tione Trice and Kristen Stain


5 September, 2023


19 December, 2023

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Tione Trice from Of the Cloth and Kristen Stain at Hanway Street in London, while they exhibited at the Frieze Cork Street Gallery, a hub for international art in the heart of Mayfair.

Tione Trice is a spatial designer and collector. Through their work, they examine the ways in which materials shape our experiences, evoke emotions, and influence our interactions.

Kristen Stain is an artist and designer from Fresno, California. Their work focuses on the concept of "both/and" and is informed by their practice of ancestral traditions, which incorporates values like pleasure, community and a reverence for the earth.

I would say my favourite moment in this home is probably the roof. I love all the elements of the location and being city centre, but the roof gives me an illusion of also being anywhere in the world because I get freedom from anything that’s happening on the ground level.

Tione Trice

My experience with the onefinestay home exceeded my expectations every step of the way. Upon arrival, I felt welcomed and it was such a support to have a beautiful and comfortable place to rest my head in the midst of a buzzing professional opportunity. onefinestay has raised the bar, and I look forward to exploring the other locations. I am so thankful.

Kristen Stain