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This is the year to focus your travel around you and your loved ones. 2024 is all about seeking deeper experiences by carefully selecting destinations, homes and experiences perfectly tailored to your interests and needs. This year will offer travellers a chance to slow down, to enjoy the stars above and the silence all around. But it will also bring us to a wealth of new and interesting places, immersing us in different cultures, cuisines and wellness practices around the world.

City breaks that make you feel like a local

City breaks are set to be all the rage in 2024, with London, New York, Paris and Los Angeles topping the must-see lists. One of the most beloved and versatile cities in the world, London offers everything from royal pageantry and ancient history to ultra-modern cityscapes, gourmet dining and bespoke shopping. On the other side of the Channel, Paris continues to be a top destination for foodies, with its cutting-edge dining scene and wealth of fantastic artisanal produce.

With a plethora of exciting expos scheduled at The Met and MoMA, as well as Frieze New York taking place at The Shed in May, New York is the place to be for art lovers in 2024. Meanwhile, Los Angeles remains as glamorous, as gloriously diverse and as sun-kissed as ever - the perfect spot for anyone looking to beat those dreary weather blues.

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Slowing things down in the Caribbean

The sound of waves stroking the sand, the feeling of the warm tropical sunshine and the taste of a fresh rum daiquiri... There couldn't be a better place for taking things slow than the Caribbean. This year, the sun is shining particularly brightly on paradises like Turks & Caicos, the charming island of St John, the Creole capitals of St Martin and St Barts, and the gorgeously unspoilt Dominican Republic.

Imagine sinking your toes into warm, sugar-soft white sand as the azure water laps at your feet before returning to your exquisite beachfront villa as the sunset turns the sky into a work of art. The Caribbean invites you to savour each moment and embrace every experience.

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Heavenly hideaways in the Caribbean

Mexican marvels and jungle hideaways

Home to ancient civilisations and a rich heritage, spicy, colourful food and a welcome as warm as the sunshine, Mexico ticks all the boxes for 2024. Set off along the coast to exclusive resorts such as Cabo San Lucas and the enviable villas of the Riviera Maya. Stroll into the local fishing village to try authentic Mexican food, or trek into the lush jungle to discover a deep cenote or Mayan temple.

Balancing silence and serenity with culture and sunshine, Mexico offers adventures aplenty. Delve into underwater museums or travel to the heart of some of Central America's most incredible landscapes.

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